Pinkduck London Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick 💄 💋. Low Cost Liquid Lipstick Samples by Primor Perfumeries, Spain.

Hello Everyone. First of all I want to tell you I have discovered Velvet Matte liquid lipsticks from the Pinkduck London brand days before Black Friday. I did not know this brand, but I liked the range of tones in the collection and since it only cost € 1.99 I bought 4 of its tones 💄


Pinkduck London

Pink Duck 2

Pinkduck is a relatively young make-up brand, only 3 years old and due to that, it does not have social networks, just its website here and Instagram here. The products are 100% Spain manufactured, in the Logic Beauty laboratories, they are «cruelty free» and do not use animal derivatives in their manufacture. It is sold in Spain in Primor Perfumeries. A few months ago, it became quite popular for its nail polish 💅 and this time, it has surprised us very pleasantly with its lipsticks.

Liquid Lipstick Pinkduck London Velvet Matte

Pink Duck 4

Its Velvet Matte liquid lipstick collection has 10 shades, which have no name. They come numbered from 1 to 10, all very beautiful and fashionable. I have the tones 02, 05, 06, 07.


Velvet mate, that is soft mate, does not dry completely and does not remain fixed.


Slight chocolate smell, may be a little sweet and cloying for some people.


3, 4 maximum 5 hours depending on the tone.


Very high, it covers the lip very well.


Made of plastic, the typical container for Matte liquid lipsticks.


Felt brush a little small.


1.99 € super Low Cost.



Pinduck London Lipstick tone 02 is a pale pink stick, patches a bit. Obviously, I do not have anything left for clearer skins, maybe it will settle him.

AilyTellsYou Pinduck London tono 02
AilyTellsYou Pinduck London Lipstick tone 02

Pinduck London liquid lipstick tone 05 is a red-orange very pigmented and striking tone, too bright for me but I love it anyway. It is an ideal lipstick if you like to catch the eye and get attention.

AilyTellsYou Pinduck London tono 05
Ailytellsyou Pinduck London Lipstick  tone 05

Pinduck London liquid lipstick tone 06. I would define it as a pink-mallow-nude very similar to the Lace Gloves tone of the NYX Lip Lingerie collection. Look at my review here. Hey guys, the fact of describing a color is something really complicated. Its pigmentation is excellent and from those four that I have, this is my favorite one. I think it fits me very well.

AilyTellsYou Pinduck London tono 06
AilyTellsYou Pinduck London Lipstick tone 06

Pinduck London liquid lipstick tone 07 is a chocolate color, very good pigmentation. It’s those lipsticks that save you from a hurry and that combine with everything.AilyTellsYou Pinduck London tono 07AilyTellsYou Pinduck London Lipstick tone 07


AilyTellsYou Pinkduck Velvet matte Ingredientes


In my opinion, it is a very good line of liquid lipsticks, with a good selection of tones (always depending on your taste). I like them because they do not dry out the lips, their pigmentation is phenomenal, the duration is not much, but hey, I tweak it. I prefer to retouch a liquid lipstick after eating than to wear a liquid lipstick that lasts all day and breaks my lips and highlights the lines. And the price is unbeatable 1.99 €, I urge the gentlemen of Pinkduck London to release more tones. I am waiting for the tones that I lack when I receive them I upload another post.

A big kiss for everyone, have a nice day.

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