Review + Swatches Chocolate Orange palette of I heart Makeup

The Chocolate Orange palette belongs to the brand I heart Makeup. It is relatively new, less than 2 months since it was released on the market.. It is composed of 16 shades in shades of Orange, Copper and Nudes. It has 3 metallic shades, 3 satin and 10 matte shadows. Do you want to know how much pigment this palette?

Hi. January is the Sales month 😀. Throughout this month makeup stores launched awesome offers. For example,  the last 3 days of the first month of the year, Beautylala website did 50% off  Discount on brands like Makeup Revolution, I Heart Makeup and Freedom Pro Artist. I warned all you guys of this on Twitter, that’s why I always tell you to follow me through that social network 😉. I had wanted to purchase on that website for a long time and doing that I can check service and shipping. So I bought a Makeup Revolution fixative Spray and the Chocolate Orange palette of I Heart Makeup. I have not tried any product of this last brand before, but being sister of Makeup Revolution the quality should be similar. So today’s post is about that palette, let’s go to the deal 😀


Chocolate Orange

The Chocolate Orange palette as I said above belongs to I heart Makeup brand. It is relatively new, less than 2 months since it was released on the market. Besides, this item is composed by 16 shades of Orange, Copper and Nude shades. It has 3 metallic, 3 satin and 10 matte shadows. There are people who mention that it is a copy of the Urban Decay Naked Heat, but I do not have it yet, so I cannot compare them. In addition, Chocolate Orange has 4 more tones.

AilyTellsYou Chocolate Orange I Heart Makeup


AilytellsYou Chocolate Orange I heart Makeup

Analysis of Tones

AilyTellsYou Chocolate Orange I Heart Makeup

AilyTellsYou Chocolate Orange I Heart Makeup

Its Mine: Satin. Very bright Champagne tone with very fine shimmer. Perfect to use as an illuminator. Very good texture.

Clementine: Mate. Peach Tone, very slight pigmentation, in my skin almost imperceptible.

Chocolate Orange: Metallized. Vibrant orange, as the name of the palette should be the star shadow, but it is not. It is very beautiful, but difficult to apply. You have to scrape a little on top so that the product comes out.

Ribbon: Mate: Peach-Reddish light. Light pigmentation.

Silky Smooth: Mate. Orange-Peach clear. Dusty but well pigmented, a beautiful tone.

AilyTellsYou Chocolate Orange I Heart Makeup

Gift : Metallic. Golden bronze with a lot of shimmer. This shadow is my favorite ¨shine shine¨ tone at its maximum expression :). Super pigmented and very creamy. Quality of 10 👍

Tap It : Metallic. Golden-Champagne, it has the same texture and brightness as the first one but more golden. Very small shimmer particles and looks beautiful as an illuminator 👍

Lush : Metallic. Copper-reddish tone. Very good pigmentation, it is creamy, it works of luxury, it has a beautiful finish, I am delighted.

Segment : Mate. Dark brown. Very dusty, a little pigmentation compare with vibrant colors this palette has. This shadow failed 👎

Pip : Mate. Nude color, ideal for sealing primer shade.

Orange : Mate. Vibrant orange. It is the star shadow of this palette. Very pigmented, beautiful, I love it .

AilyTellsYou Chocolate Orange I Heart Makeup

Smash: Mate. Medium pigmentation old-stick pink. I do not like this tone, I do not find much sense and it does not match with my skin tone. I’m not going to use it, but maybe a white-skinned person likes it.

Peel: Mate. Cherry red. Very pigmented and dusty.

Dessert: Mate. Brown Basic Chocolate to give intensity to the look and soft smoky tones.

Nibble: Mate. Roof slab tone. Acceptable pigmentation.

In One: Satin. Vanilla tone, similar to the 1st, but with very small flashes of light.

Ingredients :

Mica, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Talc, Magnesium Stearate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Polybutene, Kaolin, Silica, Polyethylene, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-1, Dimethicone, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Parfum May Contain (+/-) CI 77891, CI 77491, CI77492, CI 77499, CI 77007, CI 15850, CI 15985

Recommended Open Time

12 months, after open.


The packaging of Chocolate Orange is made of hard plastic and simulates a chocolate tablet. It looks pretty strong and weighs a little bit. This chocolate tablet format distinguishes this I Heart Makeup brand, it has many other palettes with this design. It includes a palette-size mirror, which is great for makeup and a double side sponge brush that is a sh… Let’s leave it there, lol. It also has a protect transparent plastic that indicates the names of the shadows and prevents the mirror from getting dirty.


The small shadows weigh 1.22g and the large ones 2.44g. In my opinion, it brings enough.


The original price of this palette is 9.99 €. As I bought it on offer it cost me € 5.49.

Where to buy it?

It can be bought in many places Makeup Revolution, Beautylala, Maquillalia.


AilyTellsYou Chocolate Orange I Heart Makeup

I insert another picture in order all you guys see it again. Although this was my first approach to I Heart Makeup brand it was not bad at all. I liked this palette in general. Most of its tones are vibrant and tropical and I love that because I am from a tropical country ;D. If you are looking for a low cost palette of orange tones, this is undoubtedly «The Pallete». If you like discreet makeup in the style «No Makeup» you will not get much out of it. Summarizing, it does not have a pigmentation of 10, but like all the palettes always 1 or 2 shadows fail. For what it cost € 5.49, it is a Good Deal and I am 100% sure that I will repeat with this brand in the future. In fact, I am already have between my eyebrows buying the Rose Gold that people say is inspired of the Huda Beauty palette.


  • Well pigmented Orange Tones.
  • Matte shadows.
  • Metallic tones with quality of 10.
  • High pigmentation in most tones.
  • Low Cost.
  • Size-palette Mirror.


  • Some shade tones are quite dusty.

There are very few reviews of this palette on the Internet, no one in Spanish. I have read several comments which say it is very similar to the Blazin of W7 Cosmetics. Would you like a comparative post of these 2?

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Reseña + Swatches THE BURGUNDY BAR Maybelline, mi opinión.

THE BURGUNDY BAR es la nueva paletta de maybelline compuesta por 12 sombras granates y nudes. Una paleta lowcost para la temporada Otoño-Invierno

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. THE BURGUNDY BAR es la nueva paleta de Maybelline y esta compuesta por 12 sombras granates y nudes. Si eres de las que esta buscando una paleta Low Cost para la temporada Otoño-Invierno esta te puede interesar. Quédate y te cuento como me fue con esta paleta.


The Burgundy Bar

La semana pasada en mi paseo de rutina por la web de Maquillalia descubrí esta paleta pero estaba agotada 🙁 , eso llamó más mi atención y exacerbó mis deseos de querer tenerla (caprichos de mujer) me fui a mi tienda de Primor más cercana y la encontré escondida entre otras paletas de Maybelline, era la última, que alegría sentí :D. No me enrrollo más y paso a contarles sobre la paleta.

Ailytellsyou_THE_BURGUNDY_BAR_Maybelline_(1)_wm[1].jpgLa paleta THE BURGUNDY BAR es de la marca Maybelline. Está compuesta de 12 sombras granates y nudes. 10 sombras brillantes con bastante shimmer y 2 sombras mates.

La paleta THE BURGUNDY BAR tiene el mismo tamaño que la THE NUDES PALETTE que fue la primera que lanzó Maybelline de esta colección

Además de esta, hay 3 más: THE 24 KARAT NUDES, THE ROCK NUDES, THE BLUSHED NUDES. 


Ailytellsyou_THE_BURGUNDY_BAR_Maybelline_(4)_wm[1]Los Swatches los he hecho con el dedo directamente en el brazo, sin aplicar prebases. Solo utilizando una plantilla para que queden bonitos. Pueden comprobar por ustedes mismas la estupenda pigmentación que tienen todas las sombras. 

Ailytellsyou_THE_BURGUNDY_BAR_Maybelline_(2)_wm[1].jpgTodas sus sombras tienen un pigmento impresionante, muy cremoso, fácil de trabajar, llamativo, y como ya dije anteriormente con mucho, pero mucho shimmer. Me hice los swatches en el ante brazo y terminé con todo el brazo lleno de brillo, me encantoooooooooo. Probé todos sus tonos en diferentes look y el único que no me convenció del todo fue su color mate oscuro, el marrón-chocolate, me costó trabajo difuminarlo y parcheo un pelín.

Análisis de los tonos

Ailytellsyou THE BURGUNDY BAR Maybelline


Tiempo de duración recomendado

24 meses después de abierta.



Ailytellsyou_THE_BURGUNDY_BAR_Maybelline_(5)_wm[1][anuncio_b30 id=2]  

El packaging es de plástico duro en color granate con las letras en dorado, no tiene espejo. Cuando abres la tapa, se ven todas las sombras y un pequeño pincel doble para aplicarlas que por un lado es pincel y por el otro es una esponjita de látex. Yo no suelo usar estos pinceles porque son bastante malos, pero creo que no está mal que venga un aplicador. En la parte trasera de la paleta tiene una etiqueta negra con las letras en blanco con los ingredientes y la explicación de cómo aplicar las sombras en el párpado, esto puede servir para la persona que no tenga conocimientos mínimos de maquillaje.


9,6 g



Donde comprarla?

Te dejo los link de la paleta porque su precio varia según la tienda donde la compres Amazon , Druni , Maquillalia , Primor .


Considero que es una paleta muy práctica de usar, ideal para llevar de viaje por su pequeño y cómodo tamaño. Perfecta para conseguir un look de noche, glamuroso y dramático, ideal para el Otoño. Tiene una muy buena selección en los colores que la conforman.


  • Sombras muy pigmentadas.
  • Excelente selección de colores dorados, nudes y granates.
  • Sombras cremosas que no se caen sobre la ojera manchandola.


  • No tiene espejo.
  • Pocas sombras mate.
  • Muchas sombras con shimer o porpurina que se riega un poco.

¿Qué te ha parecido la nueva paleta de Maybelline « THE BURGUNDY BAR » Te animas a comprarla o ya la tienes?

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Un besazo para todos 🙂 😀