Review Beauty Glazed Lipsticks

Hello. What girl does not love lipsticks? I think we all like them. I’m a little bit hooked on Aliexpress website lately. Surfing the web I discovered this set of mini lipsticks from the Beauty Glazed brand. I could not resist putting it immediately in the cart, they are very cute. Now we are going to analyze the quality and duration of the Beauty Glazed lipsticks.

Beauty Glazed Lipsticks

Ailytellsyou Labiales Beauty Glazed


It is a set of 6 mini lipsticks mostly in nude tones. This set is inspired by the famous lipsticks of Kylie Jenner.

Analysis of shades

Ailytellsyou Labiales Beauty Glazed


Ailytellsyou Labiales Beauty Glazed Tono Exposed

Ailytellsyou Labiales Beauty
Exposed Lipstick

Dolce K

Ailytellsyou Labiales Beauty Glazed Tono Dolce K

Ailytellsyou Labiales Beauty Glazed Dolce K
Dolce K Lipstick

Koko K

Ailytellsyou Labiales Beauty Glazed Tono Koko

Ailytellsyou Labiales Beauty Glazed Koko K
Koko K Lipstick

Candy K

Ailytellsyou Labiales Beauty Glazed Candy K

Ailytellsyou Labiales Beauty Glazed Candy
Candy K Lipstick


Ailytellsyou Labiales Beauty Glazed Tono Kristen

Kristen Lipstick


Leo tone was not sent to me 🙁 instead they sent me Koko K tone twice.Ailytellsyou Labiales Beauty Glazed tono Leo


I leave the picture with the ingredient list of box bellow, but I cannot guarantee that these are actually those of the formula of the lipsticks.

Ailytellsyou Labiales Beauty Glazed Ingredients

Recommended duration time

According to the box, the recommended duration is 24 months.


They are liquid lipsticks that dry in matt.


Its packaging is the traditional liquid matte lipsticks.


They bring very little product, only 0.65ml


Something especially relevant is that its price changes constantly, but is usually between 5 or 6 euros.

Where to buy them?

These lipsticks are sold on the Aliexpress website. They are available by several vendors.


In summary, Glazed Beauty brand has become quite famous lately. This set of lipsticks are very beautiful and they are quite similar to Kylie Jenner lipsticks. The most remarkable thing about this set is duration. They are really long lasting. In my test, it remains with the passage of the hours, it only falls from the corner of the lips when I eat something.

The tones are very nice but I would not recommend this set because it can happen exactly like happened to me, that I received a repeated lipstick. Furthermore, pigmentation is very good, but they are quite difficult to apply because the brush is very small. According to the packaging says that these lipsticks are Hypoallergenic, but I don´t trust too much in box description due to they wrote a web page link which does not exist. Last but not least, the most negative point is they all dry out the lips a lot. At the end, when they are totally fixed they tend to dry up the  lips a lot. If I apply a underneath lip balm before them, for example NYX Cosmetics (which is what I usually use), they do not stay fixed and fade very quickly. The Koko K lipstick is a little  bit sticky, it does not stop drying at all :(.


  • They are very cheap.
  • Very beautiful tones.
  • Excellent pigmentation.
  • Lipsticks are identical to the photo on the web.

Cons 👎

  • The lipsticks are very dry.
  • Coming from an unregistered trademark.

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